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We Create Beautiful Websites, Apps And Digital Solutions.

The core synergy behind Cluster8 is to enable local SMEs build an online presence and nurture their brands socially. Do companies need digital marketing ? The times are changing and so are the means to market your wares. 

As much as it sounds rewarding, digital marketing is a very demanding responsibility. It’s now become an integral part of any business. And when we sit and pen down about the factors for this shift from traditional to digital marketing, we are thoroughly convinced on why more and more businesses embrace this route to marketing.

Confronted with overwhelming competition and evolving marketing strategies, companies have little or rather no time to invest in digital marketing. That’s where we come in.

Cluster8 is a Singapore based digital marketing company that takes businesses from offline to online and increases web visibility. We believe in change, for change is inevitable and a positive change makes a big difference. We are committed towards making a big positive change for our clients.

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